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Protect Your Organisation, HCPs, Patients & Stakeholders, Proactively Identify New Threats & Dangers With Potential To Disrupt & Effectively Navigate Constantly Changing Legislation For

Robust & Resilient Risk Intelligence & Compliance Strategies Across Pharma & Life Sciences

22 Industry Leaders Across Pharma & Life Sciences Dive Deep Into Proactive Strategies To Pre-Empt Emerging Threats & Dangers & Share Their Hard-Won, Critical Insights & Actionable Solutions For Data Privacy & Cyber Security Risks, AI & Automation, Supply Chain Complexities, Anti-Corruption & Anti-Bribery, 3rd Party Risks, Risk Assessment, Regulatory Frameworks, Sanctions & International Risk, Emerging Risks & ESG

Covering Critical Issues Facing The Industry Today Including: Data Privacy ■ AI & Automation ■ Cyber Security ■ Supply Chain Complexities ■ Anti-Corruption & Anti-Bribery ■ 3rd Party Risk Management ■ Risk Assessment ■ Governance & Regulation Frameworks ■ Sanctions & International Risk ■ Emerging Risks ■ ESG Case Study 


Cutting-Edge Data Privacy & Watertight Cyber Security:

Implement the latest strategies to prepare for potential cyber threats and defend your data to maintain high levels of trust across Pharma and Life Sciences


Incorporate AI, Automation & Technological Advances To Streamline Practices:

Analyse the real-life pros and cons of AI and automation to reap the benefits whilst mitigating potential risks


Transparent, Safe & Compliant Supply Chains:

Overcome modern supply chain challenges and complexities to drive transparency, compliance and ethics while retaining efficiencies and productivity


Tackling Anti-Corruption & Anti-Bribery:

Maintain integrity with clear codes of conduct and evaluate latent threats to keep patients, HCPs, staff and best practices safe and compliant


Strengthened 3rd Party Relationships:

Foster safe and credible partnerships by verifying data and remediating external risks to stay protected on all sides


Boost Resilience, Flexibility & Agility With Practical Risk Assessments:

Determine acceptable risk levels to achieve flexibility while applying mitigating actions to swerve the dangers of box-ticking and cutting corners


Robust & Resilient Regulatory Frameworks Across Pharma & Life Sciences:

Compliant frameworks which ensure patient safety is at the forefront of your practices and navigate constantly changing legislation in a timely manner


Determine The Impact Of Sanctions & International Risk:

Deep dive into international sanctions and the impact of volatile geopolitics to mitigate disruption across risk and compliance in Pharma and Life Sciences


Emerging Risks – Identify, Assess & Protect:

Stay ahead of the curve by proactively anticipating and identifying developing threats in order to assess and prepare for possible impact on patients and HCPs


Maximise ESG Efficiencies:

Exceed expectations by embedding ESG practices seamlessly into existing frameworks


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Anti-Corruption & Anti-Bribery
Emerging Risks
AI & Automation

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